Delhi university prevails against copyright infringement allegations

In September 2016, the Delhi High Court found Rameshwari Photocopying Services, a kiosk inside the Delhi School of Economics, had not committed any copyright infringement against three international publishing giants – Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Taylor & Francis.

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Carrie Underwood’s and Brad Paisley’s copyright infringement allegations

In May 2013, two hit country songwriters and singers Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley were sued by one Lizza Connor (that is her professional name, her real name is Amy Bowen) over the song ‘remind me.’ The suit came as a shock, not just to Underwood and Paisley, but to their fans as well. Country artists are known to write the lyrics to their own songs. The fact that two of the biggest country artists (in the 21st century) were being accused of copyrighting another artist’s song raised some eyebrows.

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The end of torrents

It is reported that “the most visited illegal file sharing website on the internet, kickass torrents, took a major blow today when its founder, Artem Vaulin, was arrested…in Poland on charges of copyright infringement. Despite living in Ukraine, the (United States) is looking to extradite Vaulin back to the states where he’s charged with a criminal complaint by the U.S. District Court in Chicago.”

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Richard Prince’s brush with copyright infringement

The name ”Richard Prince” is not a household one but within the appropriation art world this name rings familiar. Prince was a well-known contributor to the Gagosian Gallery; Prince is also known to use other individual’s pictures and artwork (and then claims it as his own). As a result of this, Prince has found himself in constant lawsuits over copyright infringement. The most recent of these suits being brought against Prince by Instagram model Ashley Salazar over a two-year old picture the model put up on the social media site.

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VPNs and Copyright: Developments from Singapore

The Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS) and the Singaporean Law Ministry issued a consultation document earlier in the month of August. The document proposed certain changes such as: permitting the use of text for data analysis even if the copyright owner could not be identified or contacted for consent and the reviewing of certain technological protection measures in the amended 2014 Copyright Act.

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Ivanka Trump’s “copying” controversy

Individuals in the fashion industry (like those in the music industry) run the risk of having their products and designs copied by competitors. Aquazzura is a footwear brand that was founded in 2011 by Edgardo Osorio. Ivanka Trump is a self-made entrepreneur like her father, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Ivanka has her own fashion line that includes a shoe line – shoes that bear striking similarities to Osorio’s Aquazzura line.

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Safaricom’s “Blaze” campaign under fire

In June 2016 the advertising agency, Transcend, raided the offices of rival agency Saracen Media. Mike Njeru, chairman of Transcend, accompanied the police in conducting the raid. Transcend agency obtained a court order (after suing Saracen Media agency for alleged copyright infringement) allowing them to seize computers and documents from Saracen prior to the ongoing court hearing (that was scheduled for the 17th of June 2016). Continue reading “Safaricom’s “Blaze” campaign under fire”