Ivanka Trump’s “copying” controversy

Individuals in the fashion industry (like those in the music industry) run the risk of having their products and designs copied by competitors. Aquazzura is a footwear brand that was founded in 2011 by Edgardo Osorio. Ivanka Trump is a self-made entrepreneur like her father, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Ivanka has her own fashion line that includes a shoe line – shoes that bear striking similarities to Osorio’s Aquazzura line.

According to the Fashion Law, an online blog, Ivanka Trump has The trade dress at issue consists of “the overall appearance and particular combination of elements of the Wild Thing Shoe make it distinctive, those individual elements consisting of the overall shape of the shoe, including the angle and slope of the sole of the shoe, the stiletto heel combined with an open toe, the distinctive fringed vamp (the band covering the toe) and the ankle-wrap closure made of tasseled string.” (Note: trade dress is a form of trademark protection that extends to the overall commercial image of a product that indicates or identifies the source of the product and distinguishes it from those of others. It may include the design or shape/configuration of a product.)

But Ivanka is not the only respondent in the case, co-defender Marc Fisher (who licensed Trump’s line) is also being sued for ”repeated infringement” and ”deceptive trade practices” for allowing Trump’s ”Hettie” shoe to be a knock-off of Aquazzura’s ”Wild thing” sandal. The fact that Trump’s knock off is far cheaper than the Wild Thing has also given the Italian brand a run for its money. (nearly 600 dollars difference between the two brands).

Although Trump has fiercely denied the allegations being made against her by Aquazzura, the case is yet to be heard in court thereafter a decision will be made.

More details on the case to follow.

This suit is: Aquazzura Italia SRL v. Trump et al, 1:16-CV-04782


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