Negative criticism and copyright

Critics often write their reviews online as it is easier to target a designated audience. As a critic the prospect of running into a defamation claim is very real. And yet these critics never fear this realistic prospect; so what happens when you are not only faced with a defamation claim but another federal offence – copyright infringement.

NTV’s (a Kenyan news channel) YouTube channel was deleted on May 12th due to copyright infringement allegations. There is an ongoing investigation into the allegations and more information on the matter is yet to be released.

Moving to an international spectrum, Annabelle Narey faced backlash after she posted a negative review on a building firm on a website called Mumsnet.

Narey’s thread on Mumsnet has been growing since the defamation claim. Other users are giving their negative accounts with the firm but after Narey received note from Mumsnet that she had been defaming the building site they took began to take down their accounts due to fear of facing the same fate as Narey.

Mumsnet’s decision to take down Narey’s account is done due to British laws on libel.

But Mumsnet is not the only site to adjust their regulations to fit legal regulations; YouTube has also been exercising copyright infringement implications. A well-known copyright infringement controversy among the YouTube community is that of the Fine Bros.

In November of 2015, YouTube planned to offer legal support to a few YouTubers such as the FineBros. In February the brothers announced a scheme to charge other YouTubers for reacting to videos and film their reactions. This did not sit well with other YouTubers – many who made videos of themselves reacting to the news and expressing their disdain.

These video reactions did not go unnoticed as shortly after the scheme was revised by YouTube.

It is unfortunate that Narey did not get same option. Due to the shallow regulations of the site, Narey seems to be in a fix and stuck with the defamation claims and copyright infringement claims.


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