Gage Skidmore’s photography and creative commons

Gage Skidmore, a twenty-something college student has captured hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures of presidential candidates; from Donald Trump to Hilary Clinton to Ben Carson – some that you can find here

Skidmore has been hired and paid dozens of times for his photography although if one was to use Skidmore’s photography they would be required to do so through a CC license –

The teen has caused a lot of controversy among pro-bono photojournalists as they. In an interview conducted by Skidmore addresses the tension as follows:

”I don’t really think I’ve had an effect on professional photojournalists, as I still see their photos widely used by many of the mainstream publishers. A lot of the sites that do use my photos would probably find another source of free photos regardless, so it might as well be me.”[1]

Despite these tensions it is yet to be seen if Gage Skidmore will simply remain a college student with a camera or a pioneer in professional photojournalism.



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