Plagiarism and the classroom assignments

Any person that has been in an education system of any sorts will know the class assignments that a teacher gives with deadlines and instructions to be followed. They will also know the extents taken by many students to pass that class or assignment – many a times students revert to plagiarism, the easier way out.

This ‘easy way out’ becomes a difficulty for the teachers for whom these essays and assignments are presented to. Teachers find themselves caught in a dilemma if they become aware that a student has in-fact resorted to stealing somebody’s work off of the internet.

As a teacher they must do their job and expose the child thus failing them. More so there is a moral aspect to it as well; what would lead the student to think it would be okay to take someone else’s work and claim it for their own? Are the tools they have been provided with not enough?

Plagiarism is especially profound in works of university students. Even with technological advances used by lecturers in attempting to spot a genuine essay from a stolen one. The internet is, after all, an accessible site and the students will have to realise for themselves that plagiarism is not the necessary path.



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