TPP, a threat to Creative Commons?


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has always been an organisation that was known of but never particularly acknowledged, until now. The 6,000 TPP documents includes environmental regulations, intellectual property, labor standards, food safety (to name a few provisions.)

Governments now have to decide if they wish to ratify these provisions.

Creative Commons has always been at the forefront of fighting copyright infringement and intellectual property. What would it mean if the TPP provisions were to be ratified? The provisions are clearly borderline CC’s own provisions and regulations

The biggest fear for CC is that TPP would be undermining the public domain by imposing infringement punishments on those caught copyrighting. CC has always taken a less harsh approach to ‘avenging’ those who have their work stolen or misused. Clearly TPP’s provisions, more than being a threat to Creative Commons, seems to be a threat to the public interest and the comfort of the online world.



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