School Of Open – Outreach in Nigeria

school of open creative commons nigeria

Kayode from CC Nigeria says, “Creative Commons Nigeria with support from Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Linux Professional Institute (Nigerian Master Affiliate) and Mozilla Foundation hosted the School of Open. The School of Open is a five week open course that holds every Saturday between 11am till 4pm. The first week started on September 13th with participants been trained on the basics of Intellectual Property, Linux Operating System and using simple Mozilla tools to design websites.”

CC Nigeria’s next phase is to go online and make their online presence known. It seems that within the African region CC Kenya’s online growth is much more evident than its counterparts. The online aim of School of Open Nigeria is still a work in progress due to the time constraints and costs that arise with internet access. People would need to look for a place where these services are available to them.

The School Of Open Nigeria is taking a more technological approach to their growth which is much different from the social growth that School Of Open South Africa and School Of Open Kenya are undertaking.


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